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There is no question that the average trader will have to borrow money from the broker, ie leverage his funds. To do a minimum transaction of fordx, you divide theby 6, and there is the answer: In other words, he must borrow Just to do one silly trade. Trading successfully: Know your real leverage I am not going to be too technical about the exact leverage in these examples. In reality if you have a US dollar account you should express the transaction value in US dollars before you calculate the exact leverage. As Warren Buffet said: In your case you will have to trade with a broker that offers variable lots or micro lots not larger than 1, units.

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This is a fixed amount percentage applicable to all transactions and it does not affect your transactions at all, as long as you stay within this limit. Liob trade the maximum would really watchibg silly. Forex Trades - Click Here It tfading interesting that you mention one currency also, because you must know that wztching you simultaneously trade 2 or 3 currencies your leverage increases. You borrow 20 times what you have. Here is the proof: I hope by now you understand that this refers to the maximum the marketing wizard will allow you to borrow and that you can borrow much less to keep your leverage sane and your account afloat. But if you go to that extreme you must be really desperate or stupid and for all practical purposes you are already on the way out.

What they mean is you can choose your margin requirement which will define the maximum you can borrow from them to be 0. It is vitally important that you grasp this: The only variable in this whole trading exercise is the real leverage, not the margin requirement.

In the example above the market moved pips irrespective of the margin required. Want to trade forex but don't want to risk losing money? Want to trade forex but don't know how? Want to trade forex but don't know which broker to use? No problem, use So-and-So broker, they have great customer service and is "regulated"! Countty theory of ttrading trading, which you get for free, or a-dime-a-dozen ebooks, courses, classes, videos, webinars and the harsh reality of making trading decisions in an highly uncertain, always changing environment are two very different kettle of fish. In my experience you can cross this divide: If you dismiss the idea that "trading is easy". Trading is not easy.

It is extremely tough mental labour. If you forget about "instant gratification". You will not know if you will be successful after a month of demo trading. If you are prepared not to take any word a forex marketing wizard utters serious. Forex brokers are not charities! You are on your own and you are responsible! If you can truly adopt a "long term" mindset.

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You need to think and plan years ahead! Set goals! Whatever it takes! Why Slow-Grow-to-Pro fessional Trader? Let me just give you some background first. I was supposed to give people advice on why to invest in a certain company's products. I quickly learned that it is all smoke and mirrors. What they wanted me to do and what I was prepared to do were different at a fundamental level. I aligned myself with the potential clients.

I saw myself as a teacher first and an advisor and sales person second. In I began to watchlng for a living margin trading in the government bond market. In I became aware of the "forex trading craze". The one was a "introducing broker" a salesperson for a brokerthe other one was the marketing manager of a well-known USA based forex broker. Their business model was simple.

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They needed a lot of trxding to do a lot of trading in cluntry quick cokntry. Because it is "online" trading, the main frontier was unexplored and "clueless" global markets like South Africa and many others. They wanted me to spread their message of quick success Frre high leveraged trading and all you liln was an introduction on how a trading station worked and some technical analysis on intra day charts, trying it on a demo account that expires in 30 days and coutry were supposed to be ready to make a lot of money with little money and make all your dreams come true. Dirk's point is that once a stop is activated, then lon REAL loss is retali i.

The only thing that will offset this grading loss is a greater gain than the loss, from a new trade that is statistically totally independant of the losing trade. Bottom line - once a trade hits a Frwe, a permanent loss is realised. Let me say that again - when tfading losing position is closed, the loss is finalised. Until then, there's always potential to break even or turn a profit. Dirk says that if he's wrong on the macro-direction, he'd rather make this loss on a small position than a large one. Of course the position could be an increasing loser, but he has held positions for two years before coming out on top, at no cost to him. Same goes for holding real estate until a market recovers.

Given all of the above, losing trades are obviously going to be much larger than the daily small profits of a winning trades. These large trades will be the main counterbalance to the occasional large losing trades. The daily small profitable trades that you grind out then become the trades that allow your trade balance to slowly rise over time. Is the book a trading system? Does it reveal a trading strategy? If you refer by strategy to -: Then put a framework around that, which gives you a way to trade. It appears to me that the very best books--those that get recommended by a wide range of traders--never include set strategies.

They teach you to think like a trader and not just copy one who may or may not have been successful at some point in time. I find this analogous to cook books versus recipe books. A recipe book will simply show you how to copy someone else's work. But given all the variables, the result may or may not be satisfying. A cook book teaches you how use food to make your own creations and even write your own recipes, then, with confidence, modify them as your taste and needs change. In my mind, the book 'Bird Watching in Lion Country' stands out as an eye-opener in a sea of dreadfully mediocre or worsecookbook-style forex trading books out there.

You may or may not end up using some or all of his particular methodology Most important, it calls for a paradigm shift that many traders would probably be unwilling or unable to make. Even if you decide not to use his methodology in its entirety, I think the knowledge gained will be invaluable. I know many readers here are scared to act, because there are so many scamsters out there.

For their sake I can mention: I have been to South Africa Pretoria and have visited Dirk at his house where he works from, and he is for real. He lives in a pretty smart, nicely furnished, house with a beautiful view in an affluent suburb of Pretoria, with newish but not latest model BMW and Merc in the garage, and he trades full time since Set goals for your trading, treat it as a business. Shoot-outs are unpredictable, lead flying in all directions, and the only guy who benefits is the funeral parlour owner the forex broker? Strategy 1 — The fast draw This dumb strategy asserts that by being quicker than the broker who gives you the prices to trade on, you can actually make money on a variety of data releases.

Strategy 2 — follow the leader This strategy, equally unsuccessful, believes that if the prices go in one direction after the news release they will in the vast majority of cases continue to do so. This, despite good evidence that price action following data release is pretty much a random walk. Of course, this is not enough to deter Hop-a-long Cassidy and the Forex Kid, and they will grimly hang in there until the last bit of life blood is drained from their account. Slick marketing wizardry shows 'technicolor' examples of fantastic big directional moves on news releases according to the classic News Trading models, ie, the straight forward shootout. In other words, simplistic marketing is used to lure Forex Kid to the shoot-out and the moment he arrives he is caught in a deadly crossfire.

Why do Hop-a-long Cassidy and Forex Kid keep ending up in the mortuary? It is simply a fact, based on statistical probabilities, that when there is more than a certain amount of lead flying about, you will be hit. That is why they are old — remember the adage: Many readers at least all those who have read Bird Watching in Lion Country know that one of the major delusions of retail forex created by the marketing wizards is that the forex market is ideal for technical analysis. Every marketing wizard trick was initially built on this illusion. If a move occours on high volume it is much more meaningful than a move on low volume because a move supported by volume is likely to continue and not peter out in a false break.

In the spot forex market there is no reliable real-time volume information available, particularly on the retail level.

likn Notwithstanding this, extreme importance is given to technical analysis by the marketing wizards retai volume was simply substituted by fast price moves, which, I might tell you, is a wholly inadequate replacement. This, however, is bogus. A large, fast move in the forex market can be caused by almost anything. Believing it is volume just because the price is moving fast and far, will cost you dearly. On an intra-day level, fast and relatively large price moves are usually caused by a lack of liquidity. Volume in the currency market can come from two sources: If you for one moment think a number of rational, professional money managers, traders or executing agents ij use an erratic data release to do large transactions, you will seriously have to rethink even your most basic assumptions about the forex market.

Since mde has coutry an explosion in general forex market volumes and a large portion of this increase was due to the growth in the numbers of hedge funds and smaller money managers like Commodity Trading Advisors CTA. It is certainly fair to assume that this large increase in the number of participants contributed to both better liquidity and larger volatility across all time frames in the FX market. Nobody in his right mind, with his business or bonus at stake, is going to do highly leveraged trades and take undue risks when price movements are random. Highly leveraged gambles on intra-day events are just not part of their repertoire.

These guys are pros, and if it is not part of their repertoire, it should not be part of yours. What makes this dynamic so interesting is that your counter party also has to trust you and that if this mutual trust is violated someone is going to come short. The moment that this threatens the sustained profitability of the counter party these schemes fall flat — they always have and they always will. Scalper arbitrage was probably the first of these schemes. As marketing wizards competed to lure more clients, they decreased spreads and margin requirements which opened opportunities for arbitrage pip scalpers to enter the fray using a variety of tricks at the expense of their counter party — the market maker.

The pip scalpers had fantastic demo account track records. Problem solved. The second one was straddling news releases. The thing the retail traders tried to exploit was marketing wizards luring clients with guaranteed fixed spreads and guaranteed stops. It was basically just the US non-farm payrolls that really attracted this group a few years ago. They would place entry orders on both sides of the market just before the data release. Apparently a win-win scenario. So what did the market makers do?

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They refused to guarantee that they would execute your price on the level you had entered it. As a result they could enter you at a bad price and then take you out on the stop on the retracement and even if you then made hrading on the other leg of the straddle, it was hardly enough for you to cover your loss on the first stopped-out leg. However, systemic risk for the market maker remained a problem. Last roll of the dice. You have done multiple courses, refunded multiple hopefully small accounts.

Nothing works for you. But you want to give it a last go. We will change your mindset, give you hope and guide you towards a new beginning. Choose your level of engagement Getting started: It is an ebook because it was only published in PDF format.

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