Exclusive: Dukascopy FX trading volumes and explanation of 1H results

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What is a Forex? Forex is the short form of foreign exchange. Forex switzerlwnd exchanging currency used in one country for currency used in another country. There are so many reasons why one would want to do this.

Exclusive: Dukascopy FX trading volumes and explanation of 1H 2017 results

The two main Frex include tourism and for trading purposes. The Bretton Woods Accord was put in place in Since then, money could be floated freely from one another. Since the value of each currency is different, there was a necessity for foreign exchange services. This service is mainly offered by commercial and investment banks.

These services have brought about a speculative environment, where one currency can be exchanged for another one online. Forex as a Hedge The value switzerkand money is volatile. It goes up and down depending on the bfokers. This means that the money market can be unpredictable when you are buying or selling goods to a foreign country. This poses a risk to traders. To minimize Forex trading risk, the Forex exchange sets a rate at which the deal will be completed in future. This can be done when the seller buys or sells services in a swap or forward market. In this market, the financial institution will lock in a set rate, therefore making it possible for the trader to know exactly how much the exchange rate will be.

You can protect yourself using the futures market, especially if you are planning to carry out a big trade. The futures market is centralized and is much more difficult to liquidate.

The forwards market is easier to liquidate. It is decentralized switserland works with different bank systems all over the world. Forex as Speculating There are so many elements that affect Forex exchange. This includes such factors as how well the economy is doing, interest rates, tourism, trade and political instability. You can bet against all these factors when you are exchanging foreign currencies to see if you would make a financial profit. This is by betting that the currency you hold will be stronger than the currency you want to exchange it for.

Currency as an Asset Class Money as an asset has two main elements: This led banks to have exclusive desks that focused on working on their own accounts. Other organizations that were given priority included multinational organizations, hedge funds, and wealthy persons.

However, tourksm this changed with the coming of the Internet. The Internet made it possible for Forex oturism to be focused on individuals. This made it toursm for anyone who was interested in trading in the market to become a participant by online Forex trading through using brokers or through switerland. Forex Trading Risks There Forex trading brokers in switzerland tourism some level of misunderstanding when it comes to Forex trading about the risks that are involved in this activity. This is due to the many intricacies that are involved touism this trade. There is a lot of speculation about the interbank system not being properly controlled, consequently exposing traders to some level of risk.

A good approach to this issue would be to understand the differences between a centralized Foorex and a decentralized ttrading and then come up with on regulations. There is an interbank system where bbrokers banks from all over the world trade with each other. Due to the risk that the banks im taking upon themselves, there have been many checks and tading put in place to ensure their safety. This has resulted in many auditing processes put in place by banks. These safety checks have been put in place by the industry, to protect the interests of every bank. The exchange rate is normally dependent on the forces of supply and demand in the market.

Given the magnitude of the trades that take place, it is quite difficult for an individual or a few traders to manipulate the market. It is also not possible for central banks to control and influence the exchange rates without the cooperation of other central banks. To increase the level of transparency in the market, it has been proposed that an Electronic Communication Network ECN be formed. The aim of this network would be to centralize the operations of the market and buyers and sellers be brought together. This can be beneficial, as it will help to help get more reasonable pricing and centralized liquidity. Banks can remain decentralized since this is not one of their main concerns.

One of the main reasons why there is a call for the Forex money to be regulated is to protect retail traders, who have been led to believe that foreign exchange is a quick-fire way of getting rich fast. This is because retail traders mainly deal with Forex brokers, who are unregulated, instead of dealing with Forex banks. Some of these Forex brokers may even trade against their clients and re-quote prices. If you are a savvy investor, then you are aware that you have an opportunity to open an account with any of the major banks and trade. You can even open an account with large and more liquid brokers. It is an abbreviation of Percentage in Point.

Most currencies are expressed to the fourth decimal point, and the pip is the smallest change in the fourth decimal place, or 0. The Japanese Yen is the only currency expressed to the second decimal place, making its pip value 0. Profits or losses in forex trading are often expressed as pips. Just as in an auction, the foreign exchange market uses the terms Bid and Ask to describe the value of the currency.

A simple rule to remember when considering a forex trade is that you can buy a currency pair at the Ask price, and sell it at the Bid price. It is easy to remember which price is which: The terms Bid and Ask make best sense when considered from the perspective of the Market. The Bid price is the price at which others are willing to purchase a particular currency pair, while the ask price is the price at which others are willing to sell the currency pair. To restate this important concept in terms of base and quote currencies, the Bid price is the amount the market is offering to buy the base currency, while the Ask is the amount that the market is asking to sell the base currency in a price denominated by the quote currency.

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This price indicates that the Bid is 1. Spread Spread is the difference between the Bid and Brokdrs prices. Forex brokerages often ib the spread of currency pairs offered at fixed amounts. For the forex trader, this fixed spread allows for better pricing consistency from trade to trade. For an example of how this information is used when calculating profit and loss in forex trading, please see the Mechanics of Forex Trading section.

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Leverage and Margin Leverage Leverage allows a large amount of currency to be bought with a small brojers. The switzerlanc of leverage available to a trader varies with the broker, for example The word "leverage" originally meant the effect of using a lever to move a much larger object. In forex terms, leverage allows the use of credit to buy more currency with just a small amount of money on deposit. That deposit money is usually called "margin". Margin Margin refers to money actually deposited into a forex trading account. A trader must have a certain amount of money, the "margin" in their account before they can trade in the forex market.


tradimg The amount required relates directly to the amount of leverage available. Note that the amount of available margin will increase or decrease as the value of the forex currencies actively traded increase and decrease in value, through a process named "marked to market", through which profits and losses are fourism credited to or deducted from the trader's margin account. Firex Changes touurism the value of a trader's open switzerlannd positions are normally reflected in the trader's account balance. This accounting, called "mark to market" can occur continuously in some trading platforms, or once per day in other platforms.

The term refers to the days before computers, when the value of an asset was recorded, or marked, on a balance sheet at the end of each trading day. This practice continues today, electronically, and can have a noticeable impact on the account balance. Glossary For more trading terms, please browse through our extensive online glossary of forex trading terminology. What is traded? While almost any currency can be traded in the forex market, the most frequently traded currencies are referred to as the Major Currencies. Currencies are commonly abbreviated to a three-letter currency symbol. Major currencies include: Other currencies can be considered to be Minor Currencies, sometimes referred to as "Exotic" or "Emerging" currencies Currency Pair Symbols Forex currencies are always traded in pairs, with one currency being bought and the other currency being sold.

In forex trading, a small number of currency pairs make up most currency trading. Those pairs are often called "Major Pairs". While there is no official list of Major Pairs, a list of Major Pairs might include:

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