Fbr upgrades american eagle upside, execution

I wanted to follow-up on Aerie opening 10 new stores next year.


Thanks so much. Our new Omni Fulfillment Center is providing greater efficiencies and better customer service. We entered with lean inventory and chased into demand. Under her lead, the team is making strides in gaining new customers and building growth in core categories.

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Since taking over leadership role, Jen Foyle has made tremendous improvements. Recent additions include Chile and Greece. Go ahead. Our ability to maintain price integrity validates the strength of our product assortments and our brand positioning.

And that will fluctuate as the year goes puside next year. So clearly, driving for profitable topline growth, plenty of opportunity in our direct business, international growth, Chad already talked a little bit, and Jen, about product innovation. Thanks, Chad, and good afternoon, everyone. A question-and-answer session will follow the formal presentation.

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And if it makes sense, we will open up stores. To my question now. So certainly, we have a lot of opportunity to grow. Our square footage, as we look into next year, we expect it to be down slightly, about a minus one. Approximately basis points of margin improvement was due to lower markdowns as the company continued to reduce promotional activity. And then on inventories, they look very clean going into ex the port.

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