7 Key Differences between the Futures and Forex Markets

Difference between forex trading and index trading restrictions

Leverage In stock trading, you can normally trade with a maximum of two to one leveraging.

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There beetween also some qualifying requirements before you can do this. Not every investor is approved for a margin account, which is what you need to leverage in the stock market. Forex trading is very different. There are no qualifying requirements.

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Traders do not have to spend as much time analysing. Large capital requirements required to cover volatile movements. Assume that a trader tgading that the Euro will increase in value as compared with the US Dollar. As the trader hoped, the value of the Euro does in fact, increase relative to the US Dollar. Every trader is required to maintain funds in their trading account with the brokerage. This deposit is normally held in a segregated fund, in trust - often as regulated by the legal authority under which the brokerage operates, but be sure to check, since requirements vary from authority to authority, and possibly from brokerage to brokerage.

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The minimum amount of this account is often set by the brokerage terms. In addition to the established minimum, the account also has a very practical use for margin. Betweem order trqding enter and maintain a trade, the trader must commit some of the trading account; this amount is called 'margin', and the trading account itself is sometimes referred to as a margin account. The amount of margin committed by the trader for any specific trade is a percentage of the trade value, in a ratio usually called leverage.

Leverage ratios are commonly in the range of If the ratio is Lastly, the Canadian dollar has a positive correlation with the price of crude oil.

Therefore, with the strong trends in oil in throughthe Canadian dollar has similarly seen strong moves. Another subset of the foreign exchange market is that of emerging market currencies. Emerging market currencies also reflect commodity growth and tend to have an inverse correlation with the US dollar. Commodity currencies also pay higher rollover then developed market currencies. The OTC nature of the spot forex markets means that retail forex brokerages can add their own markup to the bid and ask prices to skim some cents off the retail trades.

Furthermore, the OTC nature means that there is a counter-party risk. The OTC nature also allows for anonymity among the participants as well.

indxe On the contrary, trading forex futures offers a more transparent and a regulated trading environment. We already know that futures are centralized and therefore traded at an exchange. The futures exchange rulebook requires all participants to put up a performance bond followed by maintaining a maintenance margin at all times. This greatly reduces the risk of a counter party default when you trade forex futures. A spread mark-up is nothing but a mark up on the bid and ask prices that the broker will add.

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