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What is put option in stock market quiz

Most brokers get away with charging a fee and a relatively steep one for each exercise or assignment. Thus, selling the call spread avoids paying those two fees — optiom you are correct in your prognostication. It's basically the same situation as b. The difference is that implied volatility has increased — and that results is less profit for the iron condor trader c The point decline is not good, but it is not as bad as d the -point rally. And those are the two best answers to the question. An explanation is in order.

Buying the puts is straightforward.

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However, owing shares of stock and one put option is equivalent to owning one call option at the same strike. Thus the buyer of an at the money protective put is, in qkiz, changing the portfolio from long stock to long ATM calls. Alternative c also finds the investor owning an all-call portfolio. The difference is that this time the call is ITM. The downside is protected because all that can be lost is the value of the call. On re-reading this reply, it seems that I am imposing my comfort zone boundaries on this answer.

Obviously if you prefer to own the delta synthetic call than the delta call, how can I judge that it's the 'wrong' answer?

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But please be aware that the cost is higher and that the upside is not as good. Selling part of your portfolio is reasonable, but the real question is: The top vote getters the poll is still open had nothing to do with the actual trading. Instead they were all factors that concerned risk management: Market timing and predicting direction may be something that some traders can do well, but your responses tell me that you not only understand the importance of good risk management, but that you practice it and it pays off in extra income.

Thank you for participating Learned a great deal from your book. Long shares of XYX b. Short shares of XYX c. A stock position is never equivalent to an option position 3.

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You own five European style index options. Which of the following is true? You may exercise the options any time before they expire b. You may sell the options any time before they expire c. The options expire at the close of business on the 3rd Friday of the month d. If you exercise a call option, you will be the proud owner of a basket consisting of different stocks.

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When you want to buy a put option now, which of these prices is most important: The last price at which a trade occurred c. The ask price d. The bid price 5.

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