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Trade manager for metatrader forex

See https: Member 4 Posts Looks very good. This is what I needed Thanks! There is possibility to set any numbers of partial close levels? Edited at You can also use these levels to set hidden stop loss or hidden take profit.

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Jun 23, 7: Member 4 Posts OK I see, great - thanks. Visual Trading Console Multi Terminal version is a forex trade management application offering true automated multi-terminal trade management functions. Up foor 10 Metatrader accounts can be monitored simultaneously. Most importantly, the software works seamlessly and transparently with Metatrader additionally offering many exciting features. Robust and highly efficient trade manager The trade management module is completely customizable. For that reason, the software is handling each trade separately, even if other trades on the same currency pair exist.

Coexisting EAs and manually entered trades do not interfere with the system.

Main Features

The trade manager will not interfere with trades from external metatradeer unless instructed otherwise. Price moved through our grid. One by one, the additional trades were opened. If the hidden target is reached the manager closes all trades in profit. But you can always end the trades by clicking on the "close all" button. Rocket move for good profit This is a live example of a grid trade one of your members made. One green candle activated the whole grid and gave a lot of profit.

Break-Even Close multiple orders by combined profit Group orders and automatically close them all when the combined profit or pips reaches a certain level. Can also be used in reverse, to close orders if the profit or pips dips below a certain level. One-Cancel-Other OCO for pending orders Group pending orders and automatically close the remaining orders in the group if one of the orders are activated. Works with stealth mode, and across multiple accounts and brokers as well.

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One-Close-Other OCO for market orders Group market orders and automatically close the remaining orders in the group when a certain mxnager is closed. Great for correlation fored, or making sure slave orders are closed with the master. Select which events you want to be notified about and never miss anything while you are away. Built-In Webserver Monitor everything when you're away Use any networked device to remotely access FX Synergy via the built-in webserver, and monitor what's going on.

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See all your trades, history, events, news announcements, price alerts, etc. Visually setup pending orders with entry, SL, TP, and FX Synergy will calculate the lotsize and apply trailing stop and partial close settings for you. This chart version is built to help you trade more easily with MT4 charts which can be a real pain This MT4 Trade Manager EA works purely based off the charts you attach it on. It also has these additional features: This is particularly useful for profit targets as there are many times you notice price reversing right before it hits your profit target — fishy right?

This feature allows you to take your profit before that ever happens.

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