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Mainframe grid computing adoption financial impacts

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They face pressure to rationalise, standardise and consolidate applications compuhing systems to reap the benefits of centralisation ijpacts. Some systems, such as on-demand smart software clients, have harnessed the power of the web to distribute applications in a way that reduces the need for on-site maintenance by IT staff. Approaches of this type aim to tackle the growing cost of powering the vast IT environments of today's modern enterprises by making use of available computing power through a network. From a technology perspective, the ability to run different parts of a computer program at the same time on two or more networked computers defines distributed computing.

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Increased computing power, better computational techniques and widespread adoption of messaging standards - using Internet Protocol IP addresses for example - have facilitated many different types of distributed computing. Leslie Lamport, a researcher on timing, message ordering and clock synchronisation Maniframe distributed systems, said, "A distributed system is one on which I cannot impaxts any work done because some machine I have never heard of has crashed. Grid computing is the most commonly used form of distributed computing. The transfer of information across a network is the essential difference between a grid computer and a conventional supercomputer, and it is this restriction that should influence decisions relating to what applications are suitable for the grid.

In fact BMC recently released its annual mainframe survey study which indicated that mainframe use is likely to continue in this year and beyond, and even increase somewhat. I am actually not hearing a lot of anti-mainframe sentiment; instead I hear more of the common issues facing business today — my business is hard, competition is tough, I need to cut costs and increase market share. Companies that rely on DevOps and the practices related to that may tell you that you can increase your reliance on mainframes by adopting agile processes.

Does the mainframe play a role in grid computing?

ipacts Investing in not only the DevOps paradigm but the IT analytics to truly understand addoption to tie together company revenue against IT investment to help manage and direct those costs will lead you to being able to make the right IT investment axoption. You literally will do more with less. Vendors specializing in adopfion migration will suggest that their tools will give you a straight forward process to moving large scale enterprise applications to other platforms such as Windows or Linux and they likely will do this by focusing on a target platform that is typically JAVA or. Grid computing uses many networked computers typically linked via the Internet to form a virtual computer.

It typically takes advantage of unused resources on PCs and smaller-sized servers to devote to applications that allow a high degree of parallelism in computation. Grid software placed on computers makes them appear as one system to the application. If data handling and systems management grid software is added, it can appear as one system to the database or system administrator as well.

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Note that, conceptually at least, mainframes can participate in the grid. The grid computing market is becoming large and is fast-growing. Using the mainframe in a grid The mainframe's ability to support large numbers of virtual machines, and Linux, allows it to appear as a tens of Linux servers to the grid software, and to the applications using the grid. By overlaying grid software such as Globus Toolkit 2. There are three obvious uses of the mainframe in such a grid: The mainframe can be used to improve grid robustness.

Hybrid cloud adoption dominates Are there any security implications from moving applications or workloads to the public cloud? If so, is that something that Ensono helps its clients overcome? I think anytime that you are outsourcing infrastructure in general, there are security concerns that our clients go through with us. And we are very focused on delivering secure applications, whether it sits on a mainframe or whether it sits on our Ensono cloud. Enabling the right security profile with the public cloud is essential.

One of the values we provide as a managed service provider, is to provide governance on top of the service. The final bit that we find even increasingly more is that the public cloud provides very nice financial benefits if used correctly. Or, if taken advantage of.

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