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Form input select option html name

Permitted selwct None, it is an empty element. Having the prompt part of the activation area for the input is helpful for people with motor control conditions. A positive value of tabindex indicates the tabbing order of the element.

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Each time the user presses the Tab key, the element with the next sequentially higher tabindex is focused. See The HTML autocomplete attribute for a complete list of values and details on how to use autocomplete. However, these properties don't produce a Forn result across browsers, and it is hard to do things like line different types of form element up with one another in a column. One unusual one that is specific to text entry-related elements is the CSS caret-color property, which lets you set the color used to draw the text input caret: It's recommended to always use a value of -1 as using other values can be complicated.

Conversely, inputs without the required attribute except the elements that don't support it have the: If the type is not hidden, then labelable element, palpable content. The value attribute is always optional.

: The Input (Form Input) element

Here we will look at each of them and learn best practices for providing the user with guidance when optino data into a Fomr. Here are two inputs that take a password, each with a placeholder: To save you time, here's the key point: If you feel like you need to use a placeholder, it's possible to use both a placeholder and a label: When multiple is specified, most browsers will show a scrolling list box instead of a single line dropdown. The first one uses a placeholder string MyGr8P sswrd, demonstrating what a password might look like.

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