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But how does it work? Well, if you buy the call contract, it optionw you the right to purchase shares of SPY, but not the obligation. Advantages Option Trading Gives Option trading gives you the ability to turn a small sum of money into a large amount.

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The power of options chsin work! If you want to get started with options, make sure to read my free ebook: Risk Control. Buyers of options are limited to the premium they spend. In other words, your worst case scenario is spelled out for you. On the other hand, if you are long stock, you always have to worry about overnight risk. For example, if negative news hits the stock in the after hours or when the market is closed, it will gap down the next day, and could drop further then what you initially wanted to risk. With options, you can pinpoint your risk.

More strategies. With stocks, you can either bet they go up or down. However, with options, you can do so much more. Shift the odds in your favor.

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However, you can structure option trades that have a high probability of pyt. In option trading, you can bet on the favorite, as long as you can accept a lower payout. Like a stock trade, you can get in and out whenever you wish. Now, not every stock in the market has options, some do not.

That said, most stock options have monthly contracts, and the most active stocks have weekly options. You can trade options up until their last day of expiration. The option chain will tell you how much each option costs, puts and calls, and at what strike. The strike price consists of at-the-money, out-of-the-money, and in-the-money. You see, options are priced on a probability model.

What is an Option Chain? And How to Read Option Quotes

If the SPY is trading at Of course, the strike. There is a better chance that SPY reaches thenthe call is considered out-of-the-money. Options that have a low probability of closing in-the-money are cheap. That said, an option is a wasting asset. The best way to understand how to read an option chain is actually to look at one and learn what the language means. This picture only shows shaded call options.

If you were to scroll down farther on this option chain, then you would find put options as well. The first column lists the different trading symbols for each call option. Each symbol represents which stock this option belongs to, when the option expires, if it is a call or put option and the strike price. The second column indicates the time at which the last trade of the particular option took place.

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The third column is the strike price. That is the price at optlons the owner of the call option has the right to buy the underlying security until the expiration date. The fourth column is the last price at which the option was traded. This price may not reflect the current market price, so the buyer must beware. The fifth column is the bid price.

That is the price at which the optilns buyer is willing to pay for the option. The sixth column is the ask price. That is the price at which the option seller is willing to sell the option. Also keep in mind one option contract equals shares of stock.

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