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Is a strong dollar good or bad it depends

If the dollar rises vs. In this case, to maintain a "strong dollar" -- that is, a stable dollar -- might mean allowing the euro to fall without following it lower. Or, should we presume that the euro is unchanged, and the dollar's value is rising?

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Or, it could be some combination of the two, both the dollar rising and the euro falling. Maybe both the euro and dollar are falling, but the euro is falling a little bit more; or maybe both are rising, but the euro is rising a little less. If you had a room of a hundred economists, you would get two hundred answers: What is a stable dollar? This is one reason why our world monetary situation is a big mess, and has been a big mess since we left gold in Central bankers and academics are always swearing up and down that they are oh-so-much-better than the gold standard before Unfortunately, there is not a shred of evidence, over the last 46 years, that this is true.

A "strong" currency is one that is reliably stable in value. To achieve had, you have a basic choice: One has always worked. One has never worked. While some of these companies use derivatives to hedge their currency exposures, not all do, and those that do hedge may only do so in part. This is especially important in emerging market economies.

Special Considerations Economic theory predicts that currency fluctuations will eventually revert to a mean due ro the fact that cheap foreign goods should increase the demand stromg them, raising their prices. Key Takeaways: A strong dollar is good for some and relatively bad for others. With the dollar strengthening over the past year, American consumers have benefited from cheaper imports and less expensive foreign travel. At the same time, American companies that export or rely on global markets for the bulk of sales have been hurt.

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The demand for dollars comes from foreigners who want to buy from the United States. Anything that lowers the demand for dollars or raises the supply causes the dollar to weaken. Photo Credit David G. Klein Consider two examples.

Needed: Plain Talk About the Dollar

Suppose American entrepreneurs create many products that foreigners want to buy, and start many companies they want to invest syrong. Such innovation giod also make Americans want to buy more goods and sI in the United States β€” and fewer abroad. The supply of dollars to the foreign exchange market will fall, further strengthening the dollar. This example describes very well the conditions of the late s β€” when the dollar was indeed strong. If so, for them, the harm will be more concentrated than the benefits. If the dollar is falling, employment in export related industries will likely benefit, but the higher domestic prices likely associated with export products because of higher foreign demand will reduce that benefit to some degree, and the higher prices for imports will reduce it even more.

Net, net, a stronger dollar is likely a headwind in a weak economy.

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In a stronger, fully-employed economy, a goof dollar will still act as a headwind in that it reduces total dwpends demand, but the benefits to consumers in particular and the population generally will likely more than offset that negative. A stronger dollar reduces the dollar price of imports and makes them more affordable to domestic consumers. From the broad macro perspective, a stronger dollar benefits the domestic population by improving their terms of trade with the outside world. By that, economists mean we get more imports the benefits of trade per dollar of exports the cost of trade.

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