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Well worth a watch. Trading Places: A trading comedy. A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires. Most of them are free to watch on Youtube: An absolute classic.

1- Inside Job (2011) – Documentary – Narrator Matt Damon

Documentary about legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones. While still rather young, the film shows Paul predicting the crash. Millions By The Minute: Some traders adapted to electronic trading, some felt like it was cheating. Interesting movie.

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Million Trqding Traders: BBC tradin telling the story of 10 novice traders working at a hedge fund dats the mortgage crisis. The Alchemists Of Wall Street: Inside Job: Documentary narrated by Matt Damon, about the global financial crisis of and all of the factors that have led up to it. Billion Dollar Day: Wall Street Warriors: The City of London: Interesting 2-part documentary of the lives of traders in the financial district of London. Which trading movie or documentary do you like the most? Let me know in the comments! It can be dry at times but it does show how taking a different lens to economics and the thought process can show different insights.

It follows alpha male traders who tell it like it is, or at least how it was.

The march of technology has made floor trading largely extinct, with most trades happening electronically now. But floor trading still exists and dyas lot of money still passed over the counter and on the floor. A nice insight into the mentality of the people to whom you entrust your money, your portfolio and ultimately your financial future. If there was ever a lesson to trust only yourself, then this is it, I hope you can sleep after this.

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New for — Banking On Bitcoin — Documentary Banking on Bitcoin is a documentary film highlighting the birth of Bitcoin and the underlying technology that drives it, the Block Chain. For anyone who is mystified by the technology and wants to learn more, this is a great starting point. Solid interviews with Block Chain and Bitcoin enthusiasts round off the documentary. But the fact is that in the vast majority of those who have invested in Bitcoins and others have lost huge amounts of money. The ultimate investing bubble has been unwinding for the last year. Learn more in this good documentary.

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This film gives us insights into how fragile our financial system is and how close we can come to utter devastation during the shock waves of fear in the market. Filmed in a 24 hour time window of chaos during the financial crisis this is a real roller coaster ride you do not want to miss. This is a must watch for those who want to experience how intoxicating the promise of huge wealth is and how it can corrupt anyone and devastate investors who get caught up in it. I have watched this movie many times and still love it. A timeless cult classic.

A Gekko cannot change dzys stripes and he is planning an almighty return to the top to fuel his ego movis self-superiority. Can he sacrifice his relationship with his family to get what he wants? This movie does focus on a Hedge Fund Manager trying to cover up his personal misdeeds. The focus is not on hedge fund management but on a scum bag rich guy trying to get out of a crime he committed in typical Hollywood style.

We hope you enjoyed the review, please leave your comments or favorite film feedback below. Rather than buy all these movies try out Amazon Prime, they are probably already included. Do you want the knowledge to invest with confidence? YOU will gain an incredible understanding of expert charting techniques, covering the most important methods, indicators and tactics, to enable you to time your trades to perfection.

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