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In this way, that level is defining where we will look to take our next trade and we know if price moves beyond that level our trade idea is invalid, so placing our stop loss just beyond that level is obvious. We can also use recent swing points as profit targets. In the example below, notice how we could use the recent swing lows as profit targets.

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What I mean by dynamic is moving levels, in other words, moving averages. A moving average moves up or down according to what price is doing, and you can set it to consider a certain number of bars pcf time periods. My personal odf are the 21 and 50 period EMA or exponential moving averages. I like to use them on the daily chart time frame mostly, but they can also be useful on the weekly charts. We can watch for price to test the moving average after breaking above or below it, and then look to enter at or near that moving average. Ideally, the market will have proven itself by testing the level and bouncing previously, then you can look to enter on that second retrace.

Here is an example of the 50 period EMA being used to identify a downtrend as well as find entry points within it.

Currency Strength Basket Trading

Ideally, we will look for a 1 hour, 4 hour or daily chart price action sell signal as price nears or pdd that level on a Advancsd back up to it in a downtrend like this… The 21 dpf EMA can be used in a similar manner as we see below. So, in a less volatile market you may wish to use a shorter period ema like the ;df rather than a longer one like the This is partly a self-fulfilling event and partly just a torex of normal market dynamics. The main idea is to first identify a trading range, which is basically just price bouncing between two Afvanced levels in Advanded market, and then look for price action signals at those levels or look to fade the level on a blind entry.

By fade the level, I mean if the market is moving up and at the key resistance of the range, look trade the opposite way, i. Or, you look to buy the support of the range. You can literally do this until price clearly breaks and closes outside of the range. These four cross pairs are the most widely followed and make a nice addition to the major pairs mentioned above. Here is a list of some of the more commonly traded exotics: The exotics are much less liquid than the majors and even the crosses. Essentially, the spread means you are negative on a trade from the beginning, so you must overcome the spread to get into profit, no sense in purposely putting yourself in the hole 15 or 20 pips by trading the exotics when you can trade the majors and only be 1 or 3 pips negative.

There simply is no real reason to worry about or trade the exotics, the majors and crosses provide you with more than enough price action trading opportunities to have a successful trading career. Traders who attempt to trade the exotics often get caught up in analysis-paralysis and are likely guilty of over-trading, they are certainly more susceptible to over-trading. Bottom line; ignore the exotics.

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Create your own forex currency pair watch-list: Metatrader 4 has many idras nuances that a lot of traders are unaware of. It is helpful to have at least one CHF price chart open to see price pd. Remember, it always appears that you are Advsnced against the trend. But which trend? Don't be afraid. Force is with you. It only takes a couple of pips from each pair to reach a net 30 pips TP. You see how much further it went from my entry and exit? Timing was bad. Entry and exit were both too early. Ended up breakeven. I have said that take the Gap signal as close as to the swing points of the zigzag as possible.

It simply means you take the early signal or you pass. Kashif made a breakout arrow indicator to help locate the early GAP signals. I left CAD alone overnight rate news. Lime Green. But later, CAD was over-sold and showing strength. Buy CAD basket at the dotted line. Very late entry.

You can see I missed the entry at the gap line. Demo anyway. Could be a buy USD ideaa, but did not act on it. If you see a bearish Gartley in an uptrend, don't be tempted to long regardless how good the angles are see the green gap lines? For that, I am an affiliate because I like it so much. No problem.

This bullish butterfly Advabced you when to buy. Avdanced bearish butterfly coincides with a Sell Gap Line Who won? I think I made my point. You can't have enough tools for checks and balances. If you can trade from naked charts, my hats off to you. Here is C-Volume from Bernhard. The C-Volume spikes often mark the price turning points yellow dot-dash due to price exhaustion. When long exhausted no more buyerprice goes down next.

When short exhausted no more sellerprice goes up next. In this chart example, there was only one area where the Gap Lines issued the same warning White Lines as the C-Volume spike. The general rule of thumb is that trend trading is more rewarding than counter-trend trading even with the best reversal indicator. However, in basket trading all you need from each pair is to give you 3 pips of gain to reach pips TP. The net profit is what makes a successful basket trade. Now look at this chart example. Zigzag determined the uptrend direction. Trade the single pair in trend direction and trade the basket in counter-trend direction.

You really have no time to sort out the spaghetti. Be nimble and not greedy. Game was over in 2 minutes. Entry and exit are marked with dot-dash lines. Game over in 7 minutes. Unlike other currency strength meters, the over-bought and the over-sold conditions in currency strength28 are quantifiable by the mFib levels.


C-Volume is the icing on the cake. M1 setup: No currency strength can pick out this trade. Trend cannot be clearer than this. Trade signals short are everywhere. This is iGap in the making. This pattern is worth waiting the whole day for. It's like taking candy from a baby. Yes and no, It depends on timing. Here is a setup for CAD basket short. Pip value is less than 1 for the rest of the pairs. Keep this in mind when setting basket TP in pips. Asian hours trading plus GB monetary policy news and something else while I wasn't watching.

Net loss!! I know what went wrong. Watching the EA real time is the only way to improve its logic. Back testing in multi-currencies is not possible - yet. It will take one month of demo and one month of live to see if the EA is any good. It is a slow process. I trade my live account manually as I have shown in all previous examples. There may be duplicate trades. Heavy DD at times. Exit matters. V3 had a bug that triggered trades without following the entry rules. Because of this, the demo account suffered a heavy loss. Trades were closed manually. V4 is now being tested. So far so good. EA is not easy to develop. I am trying a different strategy in basket trading.

Kashif made this indicator that shows the Net angle of one currency vs the rest of the basket currencies as one.

The value below the bar is for the base currency and the value above the bar is for the quote currency. Here is a Buy CAD basket setup. A value of 6. Now we have a quantifiable criteria for basket entries for either iGap or oGap.

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