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For example, you can analyze pages viewed by the selected groups, triggered events, related UTM tags and countries. If an unexpected traffic increase is registered in a site, it is possible that there might be an external attack. The donut chart shows generic traffic structure statistics over the selected period.

The Metatracer rating is calculated as an integral variable, which assigns greater weight to green traffic, average weight to yellow traffic, and zero to red traffic. The higher the share of green traffic, the greater the rate. The maximum value of is hard to achieve, but it serves as an ultimate target. If the site rating falls below 80, its traffic structure and sources should be examined in more detail. You can start using the new report right away. Add tracking code in your site to access automatically structured traffic statistics.

Create an account in Finteza and examine your website traffic!

Setting Up MetaTrader 4

Its easy-to-use functions Metatrafer user interface make this software application a must-have for traders and brokers alike. Flipping between screens and charts is easy. And almost every other function can be conducted with simple touches and swipes. Forex trading requires proper technical analysis and strategizing before every investment.

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And when it comes to the investment part of it all, you will obviously need specific trading options and instructions. You can easily download MetaTrader 4 for Windows 7 and take part in live trading. Numerous Technical Tools and Indicators Technical tools and indicators are rudimentary for foreign exchange trading. And for any software app, it must provide leading technical tools and indicators. There are three color diagrams available in the terminal: After a color diagram has been chosen, the chart elements described above will change in the chart in the left part of the window. Custom color diagrams can be stored in templates. Other chart settings can be defined in this window, as well.

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To do so, Metarrader has to switch to the "Common" tab and select the desired options: This option stops receiving and drawing of price data for the given chart. Wimdows future, after this option is disabled, price data will be drawn in the chart again. If this function is enabled, all analytical objects will be placed "under" the price chart. If this option is enabled, the latest bar will always be shown in the chart. At that, the "Scale fix" option will be enabled automatically, and a scroll bar will appear at the right side of the window that allows to move the chart vertically.

This mode is necessary for precise constructions.

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