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Michael Chiu, Kenneth R. The second part of the thesis develops computational PDE methods for option pricing problems with stochastic correlation. To appear in the Journal of Applied Mathematical Finance. We also study explicitly the effect of smoothing on the approximation error. Our method can also effectively compute hedging parameters. Jackson and Scott Sues Date: Jackson and Alexander Kreinin Date: The second part of the thesis focuses on the pricing of European options using a stochastic correlation model.


Important features of our approach are i the analytical tractability of the conditional PIDE is fully determined by that of the Black-Scholes-Merton model augmented with the same jump component as in our model, and ii the variances associated with all the interest rate factors are completely removed when evaluating the expectation via iterated conditioning applied to only the Brownian motion associated with the variance factor. In the first part of this thesis, we provide an analysis of the error arising from a non-smooth initial condition when solving a pricing problem with a finite difference method. Numerical results show that the proposed method is highly efficient.

The first part of the thesis is concerned with the behaviour of a numerical PDE solution when the initial condition is not smooth. We study such issues as localization of domain, boundary conditions and stability of the numerical scheme.

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We develop a highly efficient MC method for computing plain vanilla European prlce prices and hedging parameters under a very general jump-diffusion option pricing model optiln includes stochastic variance and multi-factor Gaussian interest short rate s. An earlier draft of this paper appeared in October We also experimentally demonstrate the effect of smoothing on the numerical solution, and study the effect of certain problem parameters on the approximate solution. For certain cases when numerical methods are either needed or preferred, we propose a discrete fast Fourier transform method to numerically solve the conditional PIDE efficiently. The first approach is a finite difference scheme.

We show that the error of the numerical solution under Crank-Nicolson-Rannacher timestepping with central spatial differences can be decomposed into two components, respectively a second order error resulting from the approximation to the heat kernel by a discrete operator, and a quantization error that depends on the positioning of non-smoothness on the grid. We derive a time-dependent PDE for the pricing problem under stochastic correlation, and develop computational approaches for its solution.

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