Impact Your Divorce Settlement Will Have on Your Taxes

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The appeal of this approach is its flexibility.

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implicationns The couple gets to decide what assets are allocated to which of the two resulting companies. For example, partners can choose to split corporate assets so that passive assets, such as an investment portfolio, go to rivorce company thus one partnerwhile the active business assets stay or go to another corporation. This approach can be much more complicated, and it is considerably less flexible, as there are specific rules dictating that each company must receive pro-rata shares of business and non-business assets. Understandably, deciding this division can become contentious, especially following a difficult divorce.

Finding the right plan for division There are many approaches to dividing a business depending on your needs and desires, and those of your former partner. Proper tax support during your separation or divorce can deliver an optimal tax outcome and limit damage and disruption to your business during a difficult time. For more information on dividing your business assets, contact your trusted BDO advisor.

Winning a lot of money doesn't reduce the likelihood of bankruptcy. Researchers offer these theories about cqndofinancecom this happens: So if you are fortunate enough to win a multi-million-dollar lottery jackpot, how can you ensure that czndofinancecom keep a lot of it? Here are seven pieces of advice, gleaned from financial advisers, accountants and estate lawyers. Some lotteries will make annual payments for a set period — say, 30 years — until you die. And one key deadline could force couples to come to an agreement before the end of the year. Under current rules, alimony payments are tax-deductible for the payor and taxable income for the payee.

Once the clock strikeshowever, those rules no longer apply.

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HBO This change upends alimony procedures that have been in place for more than 70 years. The circumstances that could trigger a penalty exception include: The IRS does provide some written guidelines that further explain divoce k funds can be distributed and what are the exceptions to the usual fees. Click here to check them out. You needn't pull all the funds out of your plan, but if you leave money in the account and you still intend to continue to contribute to it, there's often a waiting period before you can resume your contributions. If the decree is silent on that point, you would still be considered the custodial parent — and thus eligible for the exemption — if your child lived with you for a longer period of time during the year than with your ex.

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It's possible for the noncustodial parent to claim the exemption fandofinancecom the custodial parent signs implicatioms waiver pledging that he or she won't claim it. Remember, too, candofinancecok if you're the parent who claims the dependent exemption, you're also the one candofinanceclm has the right to claim the child credit or an American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning college credit. Put another way, if you can't claim the exemption, you can't claim those credits, even if you pay the college bills. Advertisement Medical Expenses If you continue to pay a child's medical bills after the divorce, you can include those costs in your medical expense deductions even if your ex-spouse has custody of the child and claims the dependency exemption.

Tax Credits You can continue to claim the child-care credit for work-related expenses you incur to care for a child under age 13, if you have custody even if your ex gets to claim the dependency exemption. Payments to an Ex If you're the spouse who is paying alimony, you can take a tax deduction for the payments, even if you don't itemize deductions.

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