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What does the platform traing like? We sihemap well-known brokerage firms with extensive product offerings and broad geographical operating territories. What awards, accolades and publicity has the firm received from the trading community? A stock market is where stocks are traded: Someone may sell their stock for profit, others sell it in order to cut losses, and some because they believe the value of the stock is about to change either way. The reason traders choose to invest in stock is because the perceived value of a company can vary greatly over time. Trying to predict the price movements of stocks in the short term is nearly impossible.

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This tgading also applies in reverse, so when selling your shares, they go to another investor, not back to the corporation. What educational materials e. What are the features of each type of account? This is referred to as the separation of ownership and control. How do these agencies help protect customers?

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Learn More Investing and Trading in Stocks Stock trading has been a popular financial pursuit since stocks were first introduced by the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century. Does the broker provide demo accounts and, if so, are there restrictions on using these accounts? What Are Stocks? What were the major milestones in its history? Stocks can only be purchased from an existing shareholder, not directly from the company. How Do I Trade Stocks?

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