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These factors will influence whether you buy or sell a currency pair.

Example of a Forex Trade: If the exchange rate rises, you will sell the Euros back, making a profit. Please keep in mind that forex trading involves a high risk of loss. TransferWise informs you of its guaranteed exchange rate before you initiate a transfer. You can use the TransferWise website to track fluctuations in exchange rates of any two currencies offered.

You can sign-up for free rate alerts. You can get a better-than-usual deal by bidding for desired rates. XE currency charts let you track fluctuations in exchange rates over different time periods. The company provides free rate alerts. XE Trade comparison, remember that the exchange rate you get also plays an important role in the monetary aspect of the transfer. Trading relations — This is particularly important for the Australian dollar. The Australian economy is closely linked to trading relationships in Asia.

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So, changes in commodity demand from China, India, and to some extent Japan, can all cause the strength of the Australian dollar to increase or subside. For example, the Australian economy is currently performing well, so the Australian dollar looks set to continue increasing in value. Economic indicators and data — Price action often centres around the release of key economic data and indicators. Inflationary pressures — Normally, high commodity prices create recessionary pressures on developed nations. This can lead to concern over the sustainability of economies in North America and Europe, for example.

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Currency pairs do not move independently of each other. The success and failures of certain pairs will influence others. Correlations can also change over time. In the extreme scenario where the EU refuses to agree on delaying Brexit, the UK would still have the legal escape-a-no-deal option of unilaterally cancelling Brexit.

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This would be a divisive course of action for the UK's public, and such a move would almost certainly be accompanied by a legally-binding referendum on EU membership. The cross has continued on a relatively choppy path, the latest phase of which have been the current rebound after sharp Euro declines following the ECB's lending move earlier in the month. SNB vice president, Zurbruegg, said recently that the franc "remains highly valued" and the situation on foreign currency markets is "still fragile" and that the SNB's two pillar strategy of negative interest rates and ad-hoc currency interventions, or threat thereof, "remains appropriate. A downside bias had been persisting the release of February U.

Rekindled oil price gains have also been giving the Loonie an underpinning. The Canadian currency has more than recovered losses seen after the recent dovish turn by the BoC, which stated at its policy review that there is "increased uncertainty about the timing of future rate increases. Hence, traders can compare the momentum of the current rally with the previous one.

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Overbought and Oversold with RSI Indicator When the Relative Strength Index xw a reading of above 70 for a stock or currency pair, it suggests the asset is in an overbought condition and is due for a correction. Likewise, if it prints a reading of below 30, it signifies the asset is in an oversold condition. It instigates a fresh upmove on the asset. The values 70 and 30 are only indicative.

Traders use different combinations, say 20,80 or 30,70, to determine overbought and oversold criteria Tradijg on their style and aggressiveness. Trasing above chart explains the overbought and oversold zone clearly. The red zone above 70 marks the overbought zone which conveys, not to go long. Likewise, the green area below 30 signals the oversold zone or the not to short zone. When buyers book profits, the index crossovers to the below 70 region which marks the beginning of a corrective rally.

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